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CHEFREE launch a series PCAP display

As we know, there is important for communication in electronica world, not only the way they connect to each other but how they communicate.

The PCAP communication is quite common and standardize at ways, via USB or I2C interface. How the PCAP communicate to your system is still hard to judge…it is more complicated because of industrial demand for

Industrial harsh applied environment

Higher noise system environment

Long term availability

Custom demand for system design.


What is the design from CHEFREE’s series PCAP display?

a.       All layers are optically bonded process. There is no need to discuss how CHEFREE bond the sensor layer with the cover glass.

b.      Standard cover glass on top of PCAP, applying a bigger outline than display area and black silk printing backside of glass.

c.       Customized chip on flex(COF) solution for light loading application. With advanced   technology from EETI, CHEFREE can use less components to well-design the PCAP circuit and offer COF design up to 15’’ size or bigger. Customer engineers spend less effort to think how to fix the extra PCB or ground it...by connecting the wire with CHEFREE COF PCAP, you can start to develop the rest engineering works!

d.      EETI chip solution development. The reason CHEFREE select EETI as main PCAP controller is to serve our industrial customers and meet their demand via:

EETI had being focusing industrial touch solution for more than 10 years, from resistive solution to SAW touch and now the main stream PCAP solution. It can’t be denied that the key to success is the experience of understanding industrial customer demand!

EETI always try to improve the touch recognition via their unique algorithm, benefiting our design

1.       No shielding needed

2.       Dual interface(USB and I2C) with single FW support at new chip solution!

3.       Thick cover glass support (6mm~8mm)

4.       EMI / ESD Noise suppression. RS (IEC6100-4-8): 10V/m, CS (IEC61000-4-6): 3V/m, 10V/m

5.       real-time FW tuning support

EETI lunch their product and manage the life-time for over 5 years per model at least, keeping us and our customers for the availability guarantee.


Overall, the benefit CHEFREE bring customers here with PCAP display are:

Fast prototyping development without tooling at concept phase.

For RD/PM: spend less time to define the outline at prototype、function test and driver to O/S communication.

For sales/marketing: quick feeling of overall shape and touch feeling with standard glass.[standard black cover glass、standard FW、mounted with display already]


Customizable cover glass for end customer request.

For sales/marketing: develop company own brand product、ODM/OEM for customers.[less tooling for custom cover glass、cover glass thickness available、lower MOQ with 300pcs to 500pcs for management]


One time shop and discussion.

For whole company members: less effort spent at requirements discussion、interference debug、quality issues discussion、FW adjustment discussion…enhancing each department efficiency to complete the project.


If you want to understand more how CHEFREE realize the industrial projects, open your projects and send it to us!

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